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Lerner Enterprise | Amenity Space

Distinctive Amenities: Lerner Enterprises Elevates Workspace Comfort with Premier Furnishings from Top Manufacturers.

Lerner Enterprises' amenity space stands out for its diverse array of furniture, catering to the various needs of their employees. The conference room was created to offer a clean, distraction-free workspace, while the quiet rooms suggest a tranquil retreat furnished with cozy yet functional seating arrangements, encouraging relaxation and focused work in a serene environment. Featured manufacturers include Andreu World, Bernhardt, HBF, Jamie Stern, Source International, OFS. Architect: ASD | SKY.

  • Client

    Lerner Enterprise
  • Location

    McLean, VA
  • Duration

    8 Months
  • Service

    Space Planning, Furniture Selection, Fabric and Finish Selection, Managed Installation and Punch List

What our clients are saying

Our team has worked with SML for many years, and they have always exceeded our expectations. They always deliver on time, within our budget and their above-and-beyond customer service is second to none!

Lerner Enterprise

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